Sunday, 23 October 2016

Loving the Dowry


Anita and Pramod's engagement was fixed.They were love birds since the college days.
Anita's family was comparatively well-off compared to Pramod's.Her father had hesitated for the match owing to Pramod's lower economic status.However,their love had triumphed and Anita's father gave in at last.

Anita was on cloud nine.Both Anita and Pramod had landed decent jobs in their campus interviews.And now,their engagement was also fixed! What more can a girl ask for? .She was day-dreaming of a lovely life with Pramod.

Anita was brought out of her reviere by her father's words.

'Anita',he said,'I need to talk to you Dear'.

'Yes Dad',said Anita

'See here Anita.I agreed to the match only because you liked Pramod and he seemed to be a decent guy.Now also I dont have anything against the marriage.But Pramod's mother is creating a lot of problems.She is not happy with the dowry we are offering.She is very greedy.His mother is thinking that just because you people are in love with each other,I have to agree to her unreasonable demands.I am not able to meet her demands.I am doing all this only for you Anita.Let me know what I need to do now.'

Anita was shocked. Dowry and nagging mother-in-law was something she associated with traditional arranged marriages.Not in  a marriage where the guy was already in love with the girl.And being a modern woman,there was no way she was going to agree for dowry,whether it was reasonable or not.

She called Pramod.She told him of whatever she had heard from her father and asked if it was true.Much to her horror she realized Pramod was no different from other spineless men.
'Yes Anita.What is wrong in that.My mother is asking only whatever is right.Also,I have no say in such matters.I cannot oppose her',he told her straight on her face.

Whatever little hope and affection she had for Pramod,vanished that very moment.How did she not understand that this guy was a greedy,cowardly male chauvanist? She felt ashamed of herself for falling in love with such a vile person.

Then and there,Anita cancelled her engagement to Pramod.For she realized that a person loving the dowry more than his bride was just not worthy of  love and admiration.


Written for Day 24 of Ultimate Blogging Challenge



First Love

One look into your eyes
melts my soul
One word from your lips
stirs my heart
One touch with your hand
bursts my senses
Oh love
what have you done to me
On sleepy nights
I dream about you
On sunny mornings
I think about you
Only you Only you
My heart goes out to
Only you
My soul seeks succour
Only from you
My eyes seek images
Of Only You
Oh love
what have you done to me


My first post on love and I have tried to write a few lines of poetry.Do leave your comments and suggestions.

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